January Fono

Taloha ni
Fakaalofa lahi atu
Malo e lelei
Kia orana
Tena koutou
Ni sa bula
Talofa lava

Welcome to a rather late after-match report from Banana Boat’s January fono in Grey Lynn.

Present were Aroha Awarau, Grant Bayley, David Mamea, Leilani Unasa, and Geraldine Warren.

Apologies were received from an in-the-neighbourhood-but-double-booked James Nokise, a deep-in-rehearsal Arnette Arapai, a middle-a-pre-prod Louise Tu’u, and an I’m-in-Rarotonga-with-a-drink-with-a-tiny-umbrella Jenni Heka.


Banana Boat’s end-of-year drinkies function was very well received.

Apparently the trustees met and schemed schemes for the long-term good of the trust. Details to follow.


(Apologies that the lateness of this post means that some of these shows have finished.)

Louise Tu’u’s Horse and other farm animals goes up in mid-February.

Victor Rodger’s Black Faggot premieres in mid-March at the Basement Theatre.

Chris Molloy’s The Last Taniwha opens in early March at the Basement Theatre.

Kila Kokonut Krew’s The Factory is part of the Auckland Arts Festival in March.

… Damn, there’s a lot of brown theatre out there.


Grant very generously shared a revised first draft of his maiden screenplay. It was an impressive screenwriting debut, with enthusiasm all round for a second draft.


– will be on Thursday 28 February 2013 at the Toi Ora Live Art Studio, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn.

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