November Fono

Talofa lava
Taloha ni
Fakaalofa lahi atu
Malo e lelei
Kia orana
Tena koutou
Ni sa bula

Welcome to the after-match report from Banana Boat’s November fono in Grey Lynn.

Present were Arnette Arapai, Aroha Awarau, Grant Bayley, Samson Chan-Boon, Jenni Heka, Leki Jackson Bourke, Leroy Lakamu, Shadon Meredith, Natalie Malietoa-Moa, David Mamea, Suli Moa, Leilani Salesa, and Leilani Unasa.

Apologies were received from a night-shootin’ Bobby Romia, an always-giggin’ James Nokise, a lu’au suppin’ Geraldine Warren, a middle-a-rehearsin’ Louise Tu’u, a baby-sittin’ Claire Noble, a catch-uppin’ Teresa Brown, and a stuck-at-work Chris Molloy.


Jenni had something about Spit.It.Out, a reading/performance opportunity for closet-performer writers and brazenly-out-there-already performers. This minute taker has of course lost the piece of paper Jenni entrusted him with – for actual details please either check our Facebook page or email Jenni.

Banana Boat’s end-of-year drinkies will be on Thursday 6 December at the Neighbourhood Bar in Kingsland. Check our Facebook page for more details.


Louise Tu’u’s Gaga: the unmentionable goes up for just two nights: Monday-Tuesday 3-4 December 2012 in Newton.


Aroha spoke about his public reading of Luncheon earlier in the week. No matter what was said, David was just gutted on missing out, damn it.

David’s first full-length draft of Goodbye My Feleni was generously read by Shadon, Samson, Andy and Leki, with Leilani U. very kindly reading the directions. David is grateful to everyone’s forbearance for the hour-long reading – and always, grateful for any and all feedback on the draft’s strengths and weaknesses.


– will be on Thursday 24 January 2013 at the Toi Ora Live Art Studio, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn. This will be the first fono for 2013.

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