September Fono

Tena koutou
Ni sa bula
Talofa lava
Taloha ni
Fakaalofa lahi atu
Malo e lelei
Kia orana

Welcome to the after-match report from Banana Boat’s September fono in Grey Lynn.

Present were Grant Bayley, Louise Tu’u, Bobby Romia, Aroha AwarauGeraldine Warren, David Mamea, and Jenni Heka.

No apologies were received.


Geraldine was welcomed back!

Jenni shared some news.

Aroha had a full on month of play watching and he shared his views to a very appreciative audience.


Louise‘s We Should Practice is holding workshops on applying for International Residencies, Wednesday 10 to Thursday 11 October 2012 – more details here.

Suli Moa‘s A Heart’s Path is on right now!


Louise gave the fono the “Five Items Exercise”.  It was challenging!  It was hilarious!  It was fun! 

David visited the meeting with another undercooked TV pilot spec script.


– will be on Thursday 25 October at the Toi Ora Live Art Studio, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn.

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2 thoughts on “September Fono

  1. Both of you have been to beautiful pcelas like Austria, so you understand the bluer than blue skies and greener than green grass. Oh how I wish to travel again, a trip to Europe next time, maybe. I’m addicted to cold weather.

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