July Fono

Malo e lelei
Kia orana
Tena koutou
Ni sa bula
Talofa lava
Taloha ni
Fakaalofa lahi atu

Welcome to the after-match report from Banana Boat’s July fono in Grey Lynn, which was very kindly run by Leilani Unasa.

Present were Arnette Arapai, Aroha Awarau, Grant Bayley, Jason Greenwood, David Mamea, Jenni Heka, Louise Tu’u, and Leilani.

Apologies were received from James Nokise, Kahurangi Carter, and Geraldine Warren.


David apologised profusely to Arnette for not crediting her for running the previous month’s fono (the minutes have been very belatedly fixed).  Just this once, she stayed her hand, and David understood just how lucky he was.


Enter the Banana winner Suli Moa‘s A Heart’s Path will have its world premiere in October as part of the 2012 Matala Tongan Festival.  When we know more, you will know more.

Kila Kokonut Krew’s tenth anniversary remounting of The Taro King is due at the Mangere Arts Centre 16-21 August 2012.

JenniLouise and David reported on the reading of Goretti Chadwick’s Galulolo (Tsunami), which they attended earlier in the evening.  Auckland Theatre Company will be be mounting Galulolo 11-20 October 2012.


The July fono was just spoilt with not one but two readings:  Aroha‘s short play, Poi; and Jason‘s short story, Mae.  Man, we’re spoilt alright.


– will be on Thursday 23 August at the Toi Ora Live Art Studio, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn.

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